The most common morbidities associated with bone grafting procedures are associated with inflammation and hemorrhage. With increased inflammation and hemorrhage, this can delay the ordinary healing process of bone grafting.

Blood supply is necessary for the proper healing of a bone graft, but it must be monitored and controlled. This is where the Aesela post-op laser can be of assistance.

Aesela is placed around the jaw, front of the neck and along both sides of the face. It increases the blood flow to the face, increase osteoblast activities and decrease inflammation.

In addition, a second Aesela device may be placed to the autografting donor site to reduce pain and promote healing by decreasing pain, inflammation and ecchymoses, thus expediting the healing process of the patient’s bone graft. This method minimizes medication related complications and allows the patient to be more comfortable while healing in their own home.

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