After a facioplasty or facelift, bruising and swelling can affect the patient’s satisfaction during recovery, sometimes resulting in additional follow-up visits and taking up valuable office time.  

Shown in the first image, the Aesela is a laser designed to be placed immediately after surgery and the patient continue to wear it at home to reduce bruising, swelling and pain. This innovative solution reduces non-revenue staff time while increases the patient comfort and satisfaction. 

The Aesela laser reduces postoperative hemorrhagic abnormalities, such as ecchymosis and purpura, through the controlled angiogenesis, while promoting beneficial blood flow to the targeted areas. The second image is a photograph of a patient on post-op day 7, with barely noticeable bruising under the left eye. 

This acceleration is possible through photobiomodulation, or PBMT, which activates mitochondrial respiratory chain components, thus stimulating the healing process. The light at 660nm has been demonstrated in hundreds of peer-reviewed articles for promoting healing by increase angiogenesis and fibroblasts.

Overall, with facelift procedures and their associated postoperative complications, the Aesela is a wonderful avenue to lessen healing time and total complications. This will, in turn, give your patient the best result possible and to recuperate in much better comfort at home.

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Facelift  Post-op Day 7
Treated with Accellas. 



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