As a surgeon, one knows the morbidity associated with a liposuction procedure, which includes bruising, swelling and painful. With the Aesela post-op laser, these morbidities of this procedure are, essentially, a thing of the past.


As shown in the case photos, Aesela significantly reduce patients' and bruising after liposuction. On the practitioner’s side, the most notable difference with those using the Aesela laser versus those who do not are the significantly lessened amounts of ecchymoses in the entire surgical areas.


This is possible through photobiomodulation therapy or PBMT, which affects the body’s mitochondrial respiratory chain by upregulation and improve blood and lymph flow. This upregulation lessens the amount of healing time necessary.


Because liposuction is traditionally seen as a cosmetic procedure, lessened ecchymoses can be a significant advantage. The patient will see himself or herself as returned to “normal” in an expedited manner.


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