Third molar extraction is most likely one of the most common rites of passage to most adolescents and young adults next to getting their driver’s license. 


For those that have experienced this procedure from the practitioner side, it is not a pleasant experience knowing the pain and discomfort that has been inflicted upon their patients.


As we all know, the pain and discomfort are generally caused from ecchymosis and inflammation. If both of these can be reduced, the procedure, overall, will be a better experience for both the patient and the practitioner. This is where the Aesela's diode laser can aid your practice.


Aesela is a laser designed to be placed immediately after third molar surgery and the patient continues to wear it at home to reduce bruising, swelling and pain . This innovative solution reduces pain and swelling while increases the patient comfort and satisfaction by preventing most of these post-operative complications from occurring.

This is possible through photobiomodulation therapy or PBMT on the systemic level to upregulate mitochondrial respiratory chain activity as well as the lymph and blood circulation around the head. With a lack of traditional ecchymoses and inflammation, the patient, and in turn the practitioner, will have a better overall experience of the third molar extraction procedure.


Combine this with lessened overall morbidity, the patient can expect less dependency on prescription narcotics, such as opiates, to control post-operative pain. This lessened dependence on opiates can also lessen morbidity due to negative side effects from the post-operative drugs themselves.

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