In the area of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), there is limited space. As the body attempts to inflame or hemorrhage, this causes the orofacial complex to either expand the immediate tissues or evacuate into other adjacent tissues. This can be detrimental to the surgical area, as well as to the patient’s well-being.


Lasers have been used for soft tissue, inflammatory, and hematologic disorders of the body in recent years. The TMJ, is the perfect area to use this type of technology for post-operative recovery. There have been demonstrated in many studies in peer-reviewed literature with positive patient outcomes. 


This is possible through photobiomodulation therapy, or PBMT, which is a form of low level laser therapy. PBMT targets the mitochondrial respiratory chain and upregulates the respiratory process.


The Aesela post-operative laser delivers a lower energy, longer duration laser light source to the area on which has been operated. In the case of the TMJ, this includes many areas of ligaments, tendons, and muscle, thus being the soft tissue component of the surgical field.


By applying Aesela's device to the affected area, this can lessen the postoperative morbidity. This leads to a happier patient, and, therefore, a more satisfied surgeon.


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